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About Us

Care should be tailored to specific needs and this is what we are here to do. We provide excellent and quality care to suit your needs.

Registered Experts Here to Serve You

What started off as a small community of medical professionals has turned into an Agency committed to serving you. At Genius Care Limited, we provide high quality home care services to clients in the North East. We provide patients all the resources they need in order to improve their quality of life.

Whether you need daily health related attention or are looking for appointment based care — we do it! Our qualified and registered professionals are here to work with you to develop and manage a personalised health plan that is most convenient for you.

Assisting the Elder

At Genius Care, we simply do it better

Personalised support and optimum care

We pride ourselves with adaptability and flexibility in the changing world of support and care - our care services provides flexibility in your time of need.

At Genius care limited, we work with you to plan around your needs and prepare to support just when you need it. We walk you through essential information based around what is most important to you. We simply can do it.


Each of our staff has been successfully assessed and registered with the relevant health and social care regulatory body to ensure you get the optimum care and support you deserve.

"A tailored approach to your care needs"

Nurse Talking to Patient

Why Choose Genius Care? 

We tailor our services to your needs.

Your needs are our priorities.

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There are diversity of roles at Genius care. We employ exceptional talents and experience and we would love to hear from you.

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