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Care at Home

Genius care provides a range of specialised domiciliary (home) care services tailored to your needs. We build care plans to around you to support and maintain your lifestyle. We can arrange fully integrated care on an hourly, daily or weekly basis for single visits or full time care.

Genius Care's team of experienced staff are trained to consistently deliver high-level care flexible to your needs. You deserve to feel happy, comfortable, and independent. 

Our homes are not just mortar and bricks, they are our base, our favourite place. They are our begining and end of each day, and they hold our dear memories. Having to leave your home never to see it again can be a stressful thought and traumatic experience.

At Genius Care, we understand the sentimental values your home possesses. This is why we strive to keep you and your home together. We help you avoid the stress and enjoy the independence, flexibility and joy you deserve.

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Contact Us

Our Head Office

Genius Care Limited
1 Restoration House
Norham Road, Newcastle
NE29 7TN

T: +4473 4009 6828


There are plenty of benefits of remaining in your home whilst Genius Care looks after you instead of moving to a care home.


Familiar surroundings – Be surrounded by your own comforts, own bed, favourite mug, neighbours you’ve known for years.

Personalised care – Receive a care plan tailored to your needs. You can continue to live as you normally would but with that extra support when needed.

More independence – Keeping the independence that you already have, and choosing to get up, eat, sleep, and socialise when you want to. 

Family participation – Your family and friends to be a larger part of your care plans.

Genius Care is CQC registered and GSF (Gold Standard Framework) trained. We are well equipped to share and ease some of your worries.

You can contact our friendly professional team today and find out how we can help.

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