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Genius care provides a range of specialised domiciliary (home) care services tailored to your needs. We build care plans to around you to support and maintain your lifestyle. We can arrange fully integrated care on an hourly, daily or weekly basis for single visits or full time care. 

With extensive NHS experience, Genius care's clinical team provides comprehensive care services supporting a wide range of medical conditions and requirements. Our nurses are Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) registered and are fully equipped to provide effective care services

Genius care works with residential homes in need of highly trained and skilled competent staff, to provide nurses, health care assistants, and care workers. Our staff offers quality care and professional services to ensure the resident's care needs are thoroughly met.

Nursing Home Services

Our clinical staff at Genius care are fully equipped to administer daily care. We expertly work with GPs and social care workers to access individual's needs and to develop and deliver quality care within the individual's community.

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Care at Home

Nursing Services

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We are Genius care. 

We care with confidence, quality, and experience

Our services allow your organisation to plan staffing with confidence. We offer specialised services that allow individuals to live their life how they want to with our support. We give you confidence, experience, and quality.


Overall: Good | 23/08/2022

What Clients Say

"Our client is delighted with her new care agency stating she now gets a thorough clean and feels well looked after. She described Comfort from Genius Care as caring, gentle, pleasant adding that she makes her laugh. The client stated she would recommend Comfort to anyone and described her as an organiser, approachable and that Comfort predicts what she needs."
Deb B.
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